Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not to be outdone, Kiersten tested into the honors program for her grade. She also attends an after school program where they challenge her way of thinking and broaden her problem solving skills. I'm hoping all this problem solving will help the harmony in our home. Wishful thinking?

We are so proud of Rylee! She tested into the ELP program at her school. Apparently, we have a critical thinker on our hands. :) I know she didn't get that from me. She attends an after school club where they do funky things to challenge the way they think. I laugh at Scott's reaction... "You want to go to more school?" I think he is the most proud. :)

Aubree recently finished her first middle school soccer season. The charter school she attends is small enough that the boys couldn't field a soccer team on their own. So they let the girls play. I was surprised Aubree wanted to, she hasn't played soccer since she was 6. But she had fun. It wasn't anything close to a winning season. I think they scored 2 goals...not per game...the whole season. :) But she gained some good friends and we enjoyed watching her play.
We also took our own school pictures this year. They get more and more expensive, and when you have multiple students, it can break the bank. So we took our own, and I have to say, I like picking my own poses and backgrounds!


Monday, January 19, 2009

We went hiking for the Civil Right's holiday. Scott had to work, but got home early enough to do something fun with us. Nice baby backpack complete with canopy...this is the way to hike! Poor Dad...he ended up carrying way more than he should have. If Raegan wasn't so cute, he might have told her to walk. Of course, it might have had something to do with Mom telling her that if she didn't walk faster, the snakes would get her. :)

It always surprises me how big these saguaro cactus are up close!!
Everyone's still in a good mood before we start hiking. By the end of the activity, I think I heard everyone of them complain about something different on their body that hurt. What a bunch of pantywaists! Clearly, we need to do more activities like this.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our families just keep growing!!
We blessed Canon on Sunday. I can't believe everything went without a hitch. We didn't forget to invite any family members, got to the church on time with all our clothes on, Scott recorded the name right, we got a huge family picture and one with just us and the baby, and had enough food for our 65 guests. That's the way it goes when you both come from large families. It rained on us and was blustery all day, but I consider the affair a ginormous success considering what could've gone wrong and usually does. :)