Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What did you do for Christmas?

 2015-We shoveled the sidewalks at Aubree's apartment complex Christmas morning so she wouldn't break her neck slipping on ice to get in the car for work at 6am. There's a maintenance crew that usually does it, but I'm guessing they all went home for the holidays. And the managers weren't going to come out and do it, so we made the best of it.
 Canon was ruthless. He threw snow at everyone...like, big clumps of snow! Aubree just barely missed catching this one in the head!
 Here's Aubree destroying Kiersten's snowman. What did he ever do to you??
 This is what remains of a fort another lonely resident had started the day before. I hope he wasn't mad that we used it to torture each other.
                                                   Vicious, I tell you!!!
 Aubree attempted an anorexic snowman. But it fell over when it got too tall.
Aubree's friend, Jon, let her borrow his car to get to work during the holidays. We decided to clean that off too so it wouldn't be a problem the next morning. That's how much snow fell between Tues. afternoon and Thurs. morning.

Christmas morning 2015

 Aubree's roomate, Lydia, stayed in Rexburg for the holidays, so we invited her to our traditional Christmas breakfast. While we were in a hotel room with Canon and Raegan, Kiersten and Rylee got to stay with the big girls in a college apartment.
We invited Kimmy, Chris and Autumn to breakfast also. We tried to make it a little healthier with juice and fruit, but the bacon and sausage went first. :)
                                        Have to take a crazy shot!
 Kiersten got to play Santa this year and fill all the stockings while she, Aubree and Rylee watched episodes of "The Flash" on Netflix the night before Christmas. Canon was concerned Santa wouldn't know where to find us. :)
         Why the long face? It wasn't even that early in the morning! And I didn't even give her a hard time eating chocolate for breakfast!
 Fleece blanket, Ninja Turtles hat, scarf and gloves. Canon was so excited, he wore them even when we were inside.
They were just as excited for their fleece blankets as they were for the bikes waiting for them when we got home. ;)

More sledding Dec 2015

 We picked up Aubree from work and got some lunch. Then we headed back to our sledding hill for some Moore fun! :D I love this picture of Aubree and Rylee because I can almost hear them laughing as they bounce over the bumps and ridges. It had snowed about 6 inches before we got to Rexburg and another 4 the morning we arrived. I would say there was at least 1 1/2 feet from the new fallen snow and what was already on the ground.
 We only had one innertube and it seemed to give the best ride, so everyone wanted to use it.
                                                       Nice form!
 Canon couldn't keep his disk pointed in the right direction so he ended up doing a few revolutions before he got to the bottom.
 We were probably only there about 45 minutes because the dark clouds moved in, the wind picked up and it was bitterly cold. Kiersten spent the afternoon in the warm car with a good book. :) Great memories!!

Sledding 2015

 This was the closest Kiersten got to actually sledding down the hill... sitting on the disk in the parking lot while we figure out where the best place to slide is. :)
 We found a hill underneath the Rexburg water tower that was awesome for sledding. There were several families already there. But it's in the middle of a neighborhood that is being built, so next year, it will probably be someone's backyard. :(
 Yes, even Mom got into the sledding, between taking pictures of everyone else. I waited til the last minute because I knew I'd get snow on my pants and wanted to make sure we were headed  back to change before I got too cold.
 The hike up the hill was pretty brutal. It's about a 45 degree angle once you start to climb, and it's a good 200 yards long from top to bottom. But it was a fun ride down. :)
                                      Rylee always seems to get the best distance!
 Boots, gloves and hats made the weather bearable and the experience fun!!

Winter Wonderland 2015

 We were able to spend Christmas in Rexburg with Aubree this year, because she had to work and we didn't want her to be alone for the holidays. It was a sketchy ride up because northern AZ, UT and ID were having snow storms. We traveled through NV and missed a good portion of it.
 This is the kids' first white Christmas. I'm amazed at the beauty of frozen water. I know it sounds very simple, but the way a snow flake forms, the silence of falling snow, the collection of condensation on everything that freezes into a winter wonderland...I'm in awe.
 These pictures were all taken in the Rexburg area. When I pulled these off my camera, I thought, "When did I take black and white pictures?" But they're not.... this was the color of everything.