Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MHS JV Soccer season and MVP!!

 This year was a great improvement over last year. Last year, they had a total of 7 girls on the JV team. It was all defense, all the time. This year they fielded a full team with a couple to sub in. Rylee played every game, all game long. She only came out if she had an injury or if she asked to. So is it better to play Varsity and ride the bench every game? Or play JV and play all game, every game? I guess it depends on the person.
 Rylee grew to love the girls she played with and respect her coach. When they thought about moving her up to Varsity, she said no thanks. She didn't like the Varsity coach and half the girls on the team were not nice. She wanted to play and have fun doing it.
 Rylee was very versatile this year. She prefers defender, but had the opportunity to play midfield a few games. She got several shots on goal, but the ball sailed over the cross bar because she was too far away when she kicked it. She also had the opportunity to play goalie, which makes her very nervous. But because she has a powerful boot, as long as she can save the goal, she can get the ball back on the other team's side with one kick.
 One thing Rylee did really well this year was not be afraid of the ball. She controlled the ball with her head, chest, stomach, hips, knees and feet. While other girls were waiting for the ball to hit the ground before they touched it, Rylee swooped in took it away while it was still in the air. This shot was off a corner kick and hit her right in the diaphragm. It knocked the wind out of her and she had to come out of the game and get her breathe back, but she saved the goal.
 Rylee was asked to be one of the team captains. She represented the defense, Jennifer (left) represented the mid-field and Haley (right) represented the forwards. They're supposed to wear armbands, but hers was too big for her skinny arm, so she had to wear it around her calf. This year was a lot of fun for Rylee. Last year, she  hung back and didn't put herself out there. I saw a lot more smiles this year and the fun she was having showed in her ability and performance on the field.
 Free kick after the other team was called offsides at Dobson High School. I love how this picture looks like she's going to take off and fly!
 Rylee was awarded the MVP for her leadership on the team, hard work, dedication, her flexibility with her position, and her positive attitude. She received a plaque and certificate for that recognition.
                                                      Go Rylee!!! MVP!!!

Lion King Musical- Raegan

 Raegan tried out for the play and was given the role of hyena/wildebeest. She wasn't too thrilled about it at first, but warmed to the challenge of being mean and nasty, but laughing hysterically at everything. She also liked being in the scene where Mufasa was killed in the gorge as a wildebeest. The music is awesome and we used the fog machine to make it look like the herd was kicking up a lot of dust. My idea. :)
                                         Coloring pages between scenes.
 Warming up and getting wiggles out. Ragean has a good friend, Angelina, who was in one of the girls' choruses.
 During the song. "Be Prepared", the backdrop was painted like an elephant graveyard and they used red lights on the stage with a fog machine. The effect was very eerie, especially because it has to do with murder. We didn't get any pictures of this during the performance because the lighting wasn't very good and the pics didn't turn out. But the effect was great!
                                                         Take a bow!
                Opening night with my two elementary thespians!

Lion King Musical- Canon

 Canon tried out for the Lion King musical put on by his school. They asked him if he wanted to be an animal or a bug, and he chose bug. They asked him which bug, and he asked for caterpillar. He was only one of two boys who chose to be bugs. :) I got to make most of the caterpillar costumes. It consisted of a vest and hood attached to a large sack that hung down behind him and was stuffed with plastic bags and gathered to look like a caterpillar body.
 He learned words and choreography to four songs: "Hakunah Matata" , "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?", and "Circle of Life" with a reprise. He did a great job of staying on the beat, most of the time, and set a good example for other bugs to follow. :) He was involved in the scenes where Simba spent time in the jungle, and the opening and closing scene with all the bugs and animals.
 He was one of 147 kids in the play, ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. During full cast rehearsals, it was a little problematic to keep that many kids on task. They did a lot of group activities like warm up exercises and snack times. Sometimes they would turn on some music and just let the kids dance and jump around to get the wiggles out. They practiced for 4 1/2 months!

 He had a lot of good friends to hang out with: Rylee, Natalie, Atea, Lilly, Hayden, Brailyn and Elizabeth. Yes, they were all girls. :)
During the performance, the choruses have to wait quietly in the music rooms, which are right off the stage, for their turn to perform. The mother helpers bring coloring pages, games, and snacks to keep them occupied.