Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canon's first trip to the beach!!

Boy is he a boy! While the girls ran for the water, Canon was mesmerized by the feel of the sand on his feet, in his hands, and in his mouth. We couldn't get him to be excited about the waves, he just wanted to sit down in the sand and play with it.
By the third day, I just let him go. When we were ready to leave, we stripped him down, poured a gallon of warm water all over him, put on a new diaper, and wrapped him up for the ride to the motel. He was asleep by the time we hit the interstate. :)

Our October break trip to San Diego.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I found my camera cord!!!

Yeah!!! I found my camera I'll be getting more posts up as long as my computer cooperates!!

Everyone at our house wanted to run for student body offices this year.
They were allowed 3 posters each but Mom only had the creativity and time for 2 posters each.

The speeches went well, there were a lot of kids running, but I'm so proud of the girls for having the gumption to even try.

Aubree was elected as Jr. High Secretary. Rylee was elected as the elementary school Historian. And although Kiersten didn't get the vote for elementary Secretary, she was nominated by her teacher and the vice principal to be her class representative. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm not being lazy...I have taken tons of pictures within the last few weeks but I can't upload them because I lost the cable that goes from my camera to the computer!!! I've looked for it everyday, but haven't found it yet. There is much to blog, but no pictures. So everyone send your prayers and positive energy so I can find that cable and stop tearing my house apart!