Monday, May 14, 2012


 Aubree had the opportunity to go to Prom this year. The Prom we did as a stake was on the same night as the last performance of the "Music Man" which Aubree played in the pit for. There were several youth who missed out because they were either in the pit or acting in the play.
 Fortunately, we weren't the only stake to do an alternative prom, and she asked Tyler to go with her to the Regional Prom. He was also in the "Music Man" and missed out on our stake prom.
They went with a big group of kids and had a lot of fun. There wasn't a lot of time for a big date during the day because this was also the day Raegan got baptized. :) Two of her Young Women's leaders did her hair and nails.

Classical Aubree!

 These are some pictures taken from the State Music Competition. Maricopa High School has never taken their orchestra to state, so this was exciting for the students. They received a good, which means there's always room for improvement. :)
 They also did a crazy pose...this is how orchestra students let loose. :P
 These were taken outside the music hall where they competed in a music festival in CA. Because you can't participate in extra-curricular activities if you're grades aren't good enough, they could only bring 8 of their 15 members. Hard to play a full orchestra Bach arrangement with only 8 instruments. I remember being frustrated about this in marching band. The judges can't see what shapes we're forming on the field if there are holes everywhere! C'mon people! How hard is it to make sure you're passing a class?
Aubree has had a lot of fun in orchestra this year. Because the program is so small, she's had a number of opportunities that I never had at a larger highschool including solos and leadership. Next year, we'll have two at the highschool in orchestra. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Did I mention...?

 One of Canon's favorite things to do is watch airplanes at the airport. So we bought some McDonald's for his birthday, and ate it in the back of the truck as we watched planes land and take off from the top level of the parking garage.
 It doesn't matter how many times we go, Canon gets just as excited the minute he hears the engines of an airplane. This time, his excitement proved to be a little too much as he threw up his happy meal all over Aubree, who was unfortunate enough to be sitting next to him on the car ride home. :( Happy birthday.
 Another of Canon's favorite things is Scooby Doo cartoons. They never get old. He will laugh every time Shaggy and Scooby screw up Fred's carefully laid plan to trap the ghost or phantom.  Thanks for giving him 3 more seasons of enjoyment, Grandma Morris!