Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy, happy birthday, Canon dear!

Our family tradition is to go out and eat wherever the birthday boy/girl wants. That was a little difficult with Canon because he just repeated whatever anyone else said. So we narrowed it down to pizza or tacos and got him both. He started out on the taco and ended on pizza, so either way, we know he's happy. :) Canon had a lot more fun opening presents this year because he knows there's something inside to play with. He got some trucks and books that all make noises from the birthday fairy (thanks Aunt Tena) and a light up spinning toy from his sisters.
When Canon was done looking at this truck, Dad had a fun time figuring out that it made 3 different noises, and rolled forward on it's own if you pull it back. It's Canon's toy, Dad!

Guess who's 2 today????

The birthday fairy also gave him some oreos, which he began shoving in his mouth. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father....

Dear Heavenly Father...Please bless that my mom won't still be mad about the mud incident. JK This kid refuses to sleep in the afternoon when I want him to, but can't quite make it to bedtime without a nap. He usually ends up falling asleep in the car when I'm picking up the kids from school, or in the middle of dinner without finishing his food.

Too cute to not take a picture. Maybe he's just faking it so he won't have to eat his broccoli!!

No training wheels!

We noticed last spring that Raegan had learned to balance enough that, even though her training wheels were still on, she wasn't using them to ride, just start and stop. So this morning, Scott decided we would take them off since the temperature is bearable in the morning and the kids are out of school for October break.

She started riding on her own the first time he pushed her off, and within 5 minutes, she was starting herself. There were a few spills when she tried to turn around to come back down the street and she still doesn't quite know how to use the brakes. But she will be distracted for a few hours. Maybe we can get something done. :)

Such a Boy!

So what do you do when you walk outside and find this? You grab the camera, duh! It was all fun and games until we told him we would have to hose him down. Not so fun to play in the mud anymore huh?
We're in transition from summer to winter garden, so there's nothing in these plots but the water still runs. Canon thinks it's a great mud bog and we caught him playing in it.

Don't look at me...I'm hideous!

Monday, October 4, 2010

What do YOU do during Conference?

We like to pull out the legos and make trucks!! Well, at least Scott and Canon do. :) Scott took a trip to the lego store for his birthday last month, and showed amazing restraint as he waited to play with his new toys until it was time for General Conference. This has become a tradition for our family to play with legos while we listen to the words of the prophet. I think it started when we were trying to figure out a way to keep Scott awake. :)
C'mon Dad! I want to play too!!
We enjoyed listening to General Conference on the internet, as the cable station that used to carry Conference wanted too much money to broadcast it this year, and the Church said no. I'm so grateful for modern technology that allows us to listen to the prophet in the comfort of our own home. The internet CAN be used for positive things.
When they were younger, Scott used to make little trucks for all the girls to play with. Now they are old enough to copy his design and make their own. Canon likes to take the trucks Dad makes and crash them. I don't think Scott likes that game very much. :P See how he protects his semi so Canon can touch but not destroy?