Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Canon!!

 Canon turned 3 this October. He loves watching movies with his sisters, playing with cars, trucks and airplanes, eating whatever is on Mom's plate, and being Dad's shadow.
 We decorated our own cupcakes with Halloween colors and toothpick characters. Thanks Grandma Moore!
 Then we stuffed our faces. :)

Happy Halloween in April!!

 Canon loved being able to put makeup on for his vampire costume. After I finished, we picked him up so he could see himself in the mirror and he was scared by what he saw. He kept looking away and peaking, almost like if he didn't look at himself straight on, it would be less scary.
 Raegan wanted a web drawn on her face to complete her witch costume.
Rylee was an injured soccer player, Kiersten wanted to be a zombie and Aubree opted for Madame Butterfly. We attended a Halloween party in a different neighborhood and sent the older girls out with the younger kids to collect their candy.