Monday, May 18, 2009

Just can't stay awake!

I just couldn't keep him awake to finish his food. Have you seen the funny videos on TV where the kids are falling asleep in their food? I wish I had had the camera rolling on this one. :)
I'm laughing my head off watching him nod deeper and deeper into sleep, when I hear this strange noise coming from the other room. I walked in to find this....

...snoring away. Hmmmmm...I wonder where Canon gets it from? :)

Father/son campout

Scott's first opportunity to take his son on a father/son campout worked out really well. They borrowed Uncle Marshall's Tahoe so they could sleep in the back. They stayed close and Scott promised not to roll over on Canon. :) The girls stayed home and watched a chick flick (Sense and Sensibility) and ate whatever we wanted! This was the first night in 6 months and 24 days that I slept through the entire night. I woke up in the same position I went to bed in.

Legacy girls' soccer

Aubree just finished the girls' soccer season at Legacy. She played defense this time and loved it! She has quite a leg. Any time the other team got the ball near her goal, she'd boot it outta there. :) She did get a chance to score a goal when one of the games was tied at the end of regulation play. They went to penalty kicks and she scored one of the points that helped her team win. She also made a lot of friends. It's a small school, so they open up sports to 6th-8th grades and they all play together. I'd love to get her involved in other sports as well next year.

Who's having more fun?

The scouts in our ward have been working on their cycling merit badge. This is a badge Scott totally gets into. This particular trip was a 25 miler, camp overnight in the "wilderness" and ride 25 miles back. They also worked on their Tote and Chip. It was a very productive activity, accomplishing 4 important goals... 2 required distances, an overnight campout and the tote and chip training. But you'll never convince me that the leaders aren't having just as much fun. They use scouting as an excuse to go play. :)

Scott's bike has been dubbed the "sissy bike". It's light, and the wheels are's a road bike. His only response to the scouts was, "You try to keep up and we'll see who has the sissy bike." I don't think any of the scouts have had Physics yet, and therefore wouldn't understand the concept of surface area and it's affect on friction and speed. Needless to say, with the bike and what Scott has learned about wind drafting, he was having a good time watching these young men work 3 times as hard for the same result he got. So the question remains... who's having more fun?

There were more leaders than boys...which is what makes me think scouting is an excuse for grown men to play around. Don't get me serves an important purpose and teaches skills and leadership...but c'mon now...more men than boys? See my point?

Raegan turns 5!

Raegan has turned 5 years old. :) This is such a milestone in a little kids life. No more car seats... starting school next year. She would always ask us when she got to go to school, and we always said, " When you turn 5." The first school day after her birthday she woke up and asked if she needed to get dressed because she was 5 now and it was time to go to school. :) Sorry for the let down, sweetheart. Truth be told, I don't think kindergarten is ready for you!

Friday, May 1, 2009

We had a mother/daughter Enrichment last month. There were people doing hair, nails, dancing, music, jewelry...everything that girls like to do. So my girls got their hair and nails done and we just had to take a picture of it. Nice diva pose, Aubree! When we tried to duplicate Rylee's updo the next morning, it was hopeless. Sorry ladies...a cosmotologist I am not!

Robot project

Kiersten is involved in an after school critical thinking club and for an assignment, they had to design a robot they served a specific function. So she got Dad involved (watch out!) and decided her robot needed to dispense Oreos and chilled beverages.:) I think it says a lot about where we spend our money when the the body of the robot is made from milk and diaper boxes and the legs and neck are formula cans.
She named him Walle and they all had a lot of fun. Dad is most proud that Kiersten's was the biggest robot. :)