Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is what we found Saturday morning after Scott's birthday. We have a new family in our ward that we seem to get along with very well. Our girls teepeed their house for their son's birthday in Aug. When they found out it was Scott's birthday, they returned the favor. We've now called a truce and decided to join forces. Watch out!

They also turned Scott's bug into a "ladybug" by sticking Oreos all over it. :)

Scott prefers brownies, not cake. So we put his candle in a brownie and tried to keep the fan from blowing out the flame before he did. :) I still can't believe we got a picture with everyone smiling.

I took Scott out to dinner and a movie, which we almost never get to do because Maricopa doesn't have a movie theater. It's also nice to have built in babysitters. :)

Rylee spent her whole sick day spelling out happy birthday in Swedish made out of Legos. She even figured out an ingenious way to put the two dots over the "o". Lycklig Fodelsedag!

Rylee for president!

Rylee decided she was not going to run for student council this year because the teachers don't listen to the students' ideas anyway. What better way to get your voice heard than by being on student council? So she changed her mind, as girls often do, and ran for president. :) They were allowed one poster to advertise their campaign. Since she wanted her poster to be catchy and rhyme, we decided Dr Suess was a good character to put on her poster...

...and an even better character to make her speech! :)

"Oh the things we could do, if only we try. If we try, student council could make the year fly! With carnivals and popcorn, fundraisers and more, Legacy Lions will never be bored. But we need a good leader. Now, who could that be? A president of presidents...Say! Why not Rylee? She knows what to do, she's served you before. She's honest, friendly and so much more! She has great ideas and works, works, works, works! She's funny and confident, with just a few quirks. :)If you want this year to be spectacular and smiley, there's only one thing to do: Make your president RYLEE!

Here is Rylee giving her speech to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders. She was nervous because some of the other candidates had been giving out flyers and she didn't think she would get as much name recognition by following the rules.

It turns out she didn't need the name recognition. She won by a landslide off her character and creativity alone. She received twice as many votes as the closest candidate. And I'm so proud of her for doing her best and following the rules.