Tuesday, March 29, 2016

World Strides Heritage Music Festival March 2016

 This is Kiersten warming up before the performance.
One of the cellos popped her G string during the warm up and didn't have a spare to change it out. She had to play all her G string notes on her D string. It wasn't in tune, and she wasn't on time because she was struggling to change the fingerings during the songs. What a nightmare! The conductor could have had her sit it out, but they only had 2 cellos to begin with.
They still earned enough points for a silver medal, which is what the band received. But it's hard to not think of how good it could have sounded if it hadn't been for that popped string.
 Kiersten has learned a lot sitting next to Kyle. He is very expressive with his music. He uses his whole bow, arm and torso to play. It's exciting to watch both of them when they're really feeling it.
                      Waiting in the hotel lobby for the buses to take us to the performance venue.

Maricopa High School Orchestra Trip to Disneyland/Universal Studios City Walk March 2016

 The weekend before Spring Break, Maricopa High School Performing Arts had the opportunity to take their orchestra, band, and winter guard to a competition in Anaheim, CA. They do it every other year. I was able to go Aubree's first year, 2 years later, when it was Aubree's second time and Kiersten's first, and this year, which is Kiersten's second time. I help keep track of the students, make sure they stay in their hotel rooms after lights out, and make sure they are where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there and representing the high school in a positive way.
This is Kiersten and I at the Universal Studios City Walk.

              The Evil Queen was so sassy! We waited in line to get a picture with this one.
 Go ahead, Kiersten....tell me you didn't have fun on that roller coaster! I have the photographic proof :) AJ had never been to Disneyland, so we took it upon ourselves to run around and ride as many rides as possible in the time we had.


               AJ Smith (viola) Kiersten Moore (violin) and Jenny Johns (bass). Good times!

Skateland during Spring Break March 2016

 During Spring Break, we were invited to Skateland by the Hodges family. My kids have never been on roller skates, so this was a new experience for them. I told them it would take a lot of balance, like ice skating, but it should be easier because they have 4 rollers instead of a thin blade to balance on.
 These roller frames give newbies something to hold onto so they don't fall. Canon was very reluctant and didn't have as much fun as Raegan did.
By the end of the afternoon, Raegan was asking for skates for her birthday, and Canon was vowing to never roller skate ever again in his life!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Canon is obsessed with tornadoes and violent weather. He watches videos of Tsunamis and storm chasers on YouTube and has asked me a dozen times if it's tornado weather in Oklahoma. We tease him that he's going to grow up and be a weather man because he checks the weather every morning. Not just our weather. He's loaded the weather page with the weather for Maricopa (us), Rexburg (Aubree) Guatemala City(Gma and Gpa Morris), Moscow (Brenden) and Bahia Blanca, Argentina (Ana). Like I said, this kid is obsessed!
I love how the little man is trying to run away from the tornado in this picture. Canon loves to use the "paint" option on the computer, and he's pretty good at it.

Daddy/Daughter Dance May 2015

 Our ward had a Daddy/Daughter Dance. Aubree was home from school, so she got to help Rylee assist Raegan and Kiersten with their hair and wardrobe. Kiersten was also getting ready for Prom, so it was a big fog of hairspray, perfume and makeup coming out of the girls' bathroom. :) It made Raegan feel very special. :)
We always like to take a goofy shot to show off our fun side. Dad, I said be goof.....well, ok then. :D

5th grade orchestra- 2015

 This is Raegan's 2nd year playing violin. She's in the Intermediate Elementary Orchestra. She moved up to first part, which is usually the melody. She hates to practice, but loves being able to play the music right. I haven't figured out how to convince her yet, that you have to practice to get the music right. :)
                         This is Raegan warming up for the end of the year concert.
 I love that the whole family supports one another in their different pursuits. We don't all play music, or sports, or enjoy drama, but we can support each other by watching them do what they love. Except for Canon in this picture....I think it was past his bedtime. :)

Science Fair 2016!!

 Raegan's project was chosen to be displayed for the science fair at her school!! The teacher of each 4-6th grade class got to nominate 3 projects from their students based on the idea, presentation, and notebook for their project. Raegan chose to experiment with the temperature of the water being able to turn a turbine faster. She got the idea from the Glenn Canyon Dam tour we took in October of last year. By changing the temperature of the water, will the turbine spin faster therefore generating more electricity than colder water? Her results said yes! A 40 degree increase in temperature resulted in an average of 1 whole second faster in her multiple trials. Great job, Raegan!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!!

3-14 is National Pi Day. So in honor of this blessed math holiday( and because we like to make up excuses for celebrating) we had pie for our FHE dessert. Dad is partial to the Dutch apple pie with the crumble topping. And since the kids don't like it, he doesn't have to share. :) Kiersten and Rylee picked a turtle pie because it has chocolate and vanilla, and I enjoyed some gluten-free brownie bites.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Canon's 1st Grade Field Trip

 Canon went on his 1st grade field trip to the i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa. They had lots of hands-on activities for the kids to do. They got to explore ocean habitats and sea creatures as well as different kinds of art techniques.
             Scott got to meet Canon for lunch and bring a treat which he shared with his friends.
                                  Canon said this was the best day ever!!
 Canon's good buddy, Jack Mooney. Can you imagine how much trouble these two are going to be     when they're in Young Men's and Scouts?