Monday, January 11, 2010

This is the Sunday after Christmas, and Canon was still feeling lousy. He had whined and fussed all day and there wasn't much we could do for him. He wouldn't take a nap but was soooo tired. Dad came home from his Sunday meetings and gave me a break by just taking him in the other room. They ended up falling asleep together on the couch and took an hour nap while the girls and I played Rummikub.
You never notice how happy Canon is until he isn't...and how nice it is when he's back to himself again. That was no fun.
That's the problem with taking a photo directly off your edit button. Oh well, just turn the computer sideways, right? No problem.
So here's the story: Canon was getting over a bad cold and the stomach flu when Christmas Eve decided to come around. He hadn't had a good night's sleep for several days. Consequently, neither had I. We chanced going out on our annual Christmas Eve dinner in our pj's hoping we wouldn't regret taking him out and risking his health getting worse. We made it through dinner and even got to look at some Christmas lights with our Wendy's frosties. Yum. But by the time we got home, he was exhausted and so were we. :)
I think we went to bed around 9 pm that night. So no midnight wrapping for us this year.
Here is everyone opening the one present we get to open on Christmas Eve: pj's. :) You know what's funny? I think all the girls are in their pj's was just on odd holiday this year with everyone being sick to some degree. These are the only pics I got because everyone was so NOT in the Christmas spirit. We didn't even get to spend time with extended family because we didn't want to share the germs. :) But we did have a great time watching old movies and musicals, and playing board games. I found out that Kiersten is a really good deductive reasoner. She kicks our trash in Clue!

I've been using my blog as a way to keep in touch with family that doesn't live 'round here. With all the friends that print their blog into a scrapbook, I think I'm going to change the format of how I blog from now on. It will resemble more of a journal for my family than once a week posts. That's the plan anyway. Like all resolutions, it will probably work for a few months and then life will happen. :)