Monday, September 28, 2009

More Halloween costume suggestions for Canon

Or maybe he can be the Mad Hatter (role reprised by Johnny Depp). You don't get that with one shake of the head!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What do you think? :)

Do you think Canon should be Superman for Halloween? lol

Monday, September 21, 2009

In an effort to blog more regularly, kind of like keeping a journal, Monday is going to be my day to blog. Hopefully Canon will stay on some kind of a schedule so I can get this done without him trying to eat my camera!
So this was an outing we did during the summer. Actually, we did this on Aug. 22nd, the last Fri. the girls were out of school and Scott had the day off. We thought we'd have one last adventure before school started. We kayaked Tempe Town Lake. This picture is underneath the rail road and light rail tracks. It was pretty cool.
The girls were a little tired when we were done, but the experience is invaluable. And we get to spend time together. :)
"Can we go now!!??"
We love kayaking as a family. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us borrow the kayaks anytime we want!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We chilled in front of the TV for the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game on Sat. Canon enjoyed laying on Dad's arm after all the work was done.
I would have much rather been watching BYU, but we don't get cable. However, I will root against Notre Dame any day of the week. :) My favorite part of the game was watching the Notre Dame coach chase the officials into the locker room trying to convince them there was one more second left on the clock. Sorry Charlie (that really is the coach's name!) you lost! How do ya like them apples? hehehehehe!

First..wait...second day of school. :)

OK, so things were a little hectic the first day of school and I ran out the door without my camera. This is the "crazy" pose on the second day of school. Aubree is in 8th grade, Kiersten 6th, Rylee 4th, and Raegan is in kindergarten.
Raegan is very excited to be one of the "big" girls and have a lunch to pack and back pack to carry. She is loving kindergarten, although I'm not sure how much she is absorbing since I helped her study for her first test, and she didn't do so well. I can see I'm really going to have to be on top of things.

All the girls seem to like their teachers and I'm so happy that Aubree has rediscovered her love for the violin. Her last orchestra teacher all but killed it. And she is getting involved in the Jr high cheer squad.
Kiersten will start orchestra before school this week, and Rylee has decided she wants to play one orchestra instrument (cello) and one band instrument (drums). No, she doesn't know how to slow down. :)

I'm so proud of the girls for helping eachother out when it comes to getting ready for school. I haven't had to make a lunch for any of them yet. Aubree, Kiersten and Rylee usually help Raegan get dressed and get her breakfast.
We have a deal that as long as their rooms are clean before they leave for school, they get to stay up an extra half hour at bedtime.
So far, I'm loving all-day kindergarten!!
I've been REALLY bad about blogging this summer. So now that school is in full swing again and we're back on a schedule, I'm going to be better. My goal is to make one post a week, or more, hopefully on Monday morning. If I have a set day, I'm hoping to make myself more accountable.:) Thanks to all the bloggers I follow that are more diligent than me. You're a great example!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We always pile stuff in front of the stairs so Canon can't go up and risk falling down. It's usually one of the bigger chairs from the dining room table. But last Thurs, the chair was out of the way and he managed to go upstairs without me knowing. I couldn't figure out who had moved the chair. But them I caught the culprit on tape.
Can I just say, I never want to cut Canon's hair? I know the day will come when it is necessary to cut his curly locks so he won't be mistaken for a girl. But I just can't bring myself to do it now. The girls love to play with it and put things in it. I just love that it's curly and still brown. He did get something from me.