Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is what we found Saturday morning after Scott's birthday. We have a new family in our ward that we seem to get along with very well. Our girls teepeed their house for their son's birthday in Aug. When they found out it was Scott's birthday, they returned the favor. We've now called a truce and decided to join forces. Watch out!

They also turned Scott's bug into a "ladybug" by sticking Oreos all over it. :)

Scott prefers brownies, not cake. So we put his candle in a brownie and tried to keep the fan from blowing out the flame before he did. :) I still can't believe we got a picture with everyone smiling.

I took Scott out to dinner and a movie, which we almost never get to do because Maricopa doesn't have a movie theater. It's also nice to have built in babysitters. :)

Rylee spent her whole sick day spelling out happy birthday in Swedish made out of Legos. She even figured out an ingenious way to put the two dots over the "o". Lycklig Fodelsedag!

Rylee for president!

Rylee decided she was not going to run for student council this year because the teachers don't listen to the students' ideas anyway. What better way to get your voice heard than by being on student council? So she changed her mind, as girls often do, and ran for president. :) They were allowed one poster to advertise their campaign. Since she wanted her poster to be catchy and rhyme, we decided Dr Suess was a good character to put on her poster...

...and an even better character to make her speech! :)

"Oh the things we could do, if only we try. If we try, student council could make the year fly! With carnivals and popcorn, fundraisers and more, Legacy Lions will never be bored. But we need a good leader. Now, who could that be? A president of presidents...Say! Why not Rylee? She knows what to do, she's served you before. She's honest, friendly and so much more! She has great ideas and works, works, works, works! She's funny and confident, with just a few quirks. :)If you want this year to be spectacular and smiley, there's only one thing to do: Make your president RYLEE!

Here is Rylee giving her speech to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders. She was nervous because some of the other candidates had been giving out flyers and she didn't think she would get as much name recognition by following the rules.

It turns out she didn't need the name recognition. She won by a landslide off her character and creativity alone. She received twice as many votes as the closest candidate. And I'm so proud of her for doing her best and following the rules.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm going to have to go backwards, because it's been a long time!

Kiersten is officially a teenager!!!! She turned 13 on Saturday, Aug 6th. We had a small party with three of her best friends, Makenzie, Kayla and Whitney. The pool was refreshing for the first 5 seconds, then it just felt like bathwater. :(
They played pool games like "Sharks and Minnows", and another game they've made up called "Link".

Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail, and this year, Kiersten got packages from the Birthday Fairy and Gma and Gpa Moore. Fun fun!!

It was a great time and Kiersten loved her little party. We played "Truth or Truth" and "Murder". We even had rootbeer floats to celebrate National Rootbeer Float Day. There was enough giggling, girl talk, fingernail polish and earrings to last a good long time. :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Foolin' around

We always do "crazy" shots after I get them to sit still for the serious picture. These turned out rather funny. ;)

Pose like an Egyptian. Canon just has to be involved. He jumped into the serious picture at the last minute, so we let him be in the crazy shots as well.

Wow....that"s all I have to say.

End of school awards ceremonies

We love being recognized for our accomplishments!! This year, all the girls received medals for their straight A's. It's fun to go to the assemblies and cheer them on for the good work they've done! :)

Aubree received a certificate for community service and was voted most musically talented by her peers. She was also recognized for her work on the student council as vice president.

Kiersten also received a certificate for community service, was voted most courteous by her peers, was recognized for her work on student council as historian and received the fairness award from her teachers.

Rylee received her medal in the elementary awards assembly. All the teachers come on stage and the students being recognized get to go down the line and give them all a high five. She was also recognized for her work on student council as vice president and the character trait of responsibility.

Raegan received her medal for good grades and the character trait of respect. She really enjoyed being in Ms Wechter's class and has made marked improvement in her math and reading skills.

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of year concerts

Because the orchestra is small, Kiersten and Aubree have developed some really close relationships with the other musicians and their music teachers. And they've had to excel with their instrument, because if you mess up, everyone knows who hasn't been practicing. You can't hide behind the numbers because there aren't very many kids in the class.

They played some beautiful arrangements of some classic music. I was surprised at the volume despite the small group. Even one flute, one clarinet and one trombone make a huge difference. I'm so proud of these girls for their progress and enjoyment of something I love as well!

Kiersten and Aubree were both part of the Jr High Advanced Orchestra. Here they are tuning their violins before the concert began.

Rylee is the only student left in Intermediate Orchestra. All the other members moved, left for sports, or just weren't interested in playing anymore. She played with the Beginning Orchestra for her concert and had fun even though she already knew those songs from last year.

Rylee is sitting in the front row all the way to the left. It's a small music program, but it's better than not having the opportunity to develop your talents at all.

Jimmy Neutron?

Canon came down with a nasty bug that layed him flat for a week and a half! There were many hours sitting on the couch just snuggling because he was so miserable. For a kid that never sits still, this was quite concerning for me. He was also allergic to the antibiotics we started him on and got a full body rash that was really itchy. Poor kid. These pictures were taken after the Benedryl which cleared up the allergic reaction, so he was a little happier. He's needed a hair cut for sometime, but I just couldn't bring myself to torture him when he was already so miserable. I also love those locks and it's hard to cut them off. I'm happy to report that he got a haircut Saturday and looks like a little missionary again instead of Jimmy Neutron. :)

Seminary Honors

Aubree decided to work for seminary honors her first year of seminary. They've been studying the D&C and Church History. You have to memorize all 25 scripture mastery scriptures and their references, know the First Presidency and all members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, memorize the prophets in this last dispensation, have 85% attendance in seminary and read your scriptures daily. She had a lot of fun her first year of seminary partly because being asked to serve as class secretary made her come out of her shell and get to know people. She was in charge of marking attendance, announcements and calendar items. At the honors dinner, she also got to perform on her violin. She played, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and did an amazing job with only 3 days to prepare. Wish I had gotten a picture of it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wheel barrow softball anyone??

Our ward recently had an activity where we met to eat and play wheel barrow softball. Here is Canon making it safely to first base with his runner, Bro McGee. Scott was all-time pitcher and I played in the outfield. In an effort to keep the game evenly matched, any rule could be altered withouth notice. It certainly made the game a little more interesting. :)
When you hit the ball, you have to jump in the wheel barrow, and then your "runner" has to wheel you to first base and sit down before the ball is thrown to the base. Aubree got a good hit and allowed Uncle Marshall enough time to wheel her safely to first.

Nice hit Aubree!

We sat around and ate and talked with friends while we waited for the game to start. They had a slip and slide for the younger kids, and that's where Rylee and Raegan spent most of the afternoon. We forgot to bring them towels, though, so it was a cold ride home in the back of the truck because they were too wet to get inside. :)

Some of the Young Women got wet without the slip and slide! Watch out Kiersten...they're coming for you next!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

"Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two? The Candy Man can!" Aubree wanted to be Willy Wonka from the start. She got the lead role and did a great job. She had 6 solos and a ton of lines, which she delivered on time and with great enthusiasm, even if the audience didn't get the joke of "chuck bucket". :)
Here is Willy leading the golden ticket winners through the factory on the pink, candy boat. I told you, it wasn't Broadway, but it sure was fun!

Rylee got to perform with Aubree even though she was an understudy. The Charlie lead was unable to do the Saturday afternoon performance, so she did Saturday morning and Rylee did Saturday afternoon. The energy between Aubree and Rylee was amazing. I really feel that was the best performance of the five because when Charlie is apologizing for drinking the Fizzy Lifting Drink and Willy gives Charlie the factory, the words cease to be lines in a script. There was emotion and support, I can't really describe it. The only regret was that Kiersten couldn't be in that performance with them. But she was backstage with me, cheering them on.

It was a lot of fun watching the performers get eachother ready. Everyone was doing makeup and hair. It really made it feel like the kids owned the performance. They really deserve most of the credit. They rehearsed 2 hrs a day, 3 times a week until a week before opening night and then it was everyday for 2 1/2 hrs, plus the countless hours at home. There was set construction, mic checks, costumes, makeup and....Cut! Let's try that again.

Kiersten decided she would try out for the school musical this year. Aubree and Rylee had so much fun last year, she wanted to see if she could make it. She was chosen to understudy for the spoiled brat, Veruca Salt. She did a great job picking a snooty outfit, with an obnoxious pink flower in her hair. She had all her lines and solo memorized within the first week of practice. And although she can be a snot sometimes when she's at home, it was quite a challenge for her to be loud, obnoxious and throw tempertantrums on stage. She is the most timid of my three that were involved in the play. But she did a great job! She sang.....infront of herself! I'm totally amazed at the confidence these girls are acquiring.Everyone got flowers at the end of the Saturday performances. Thanks Uncle're the best!

Kiersten had a few of her good friends come and watch her perform. Here she is with a couple of the young women in our ward.

At the end of the show, the stage crew and characters celebrated by ripping off their mics and screaming at the top of their lungs backstage. It was a huge relief to come to the end of each performance and feel good about the entertainment they were providing. It makes me tear up every time I look at this picture and realize what a rare privilege this was to have these three involved in something like this and know I was lucky to witness it. SOOOOO glad I brought my camera!

This is most of the group of kids that helped me on stage crew. We had to keep track of all the scene changes and which props went on stage for which numbers. When Aubree, Kiersten and Rylee weren't performing, they would come and help too. I loved being a part of this production! The only drawback was being behind the curtain the whole time my chicklets were performing. It was good because I could give them last minute encouragement before they went on, or tell them what a great job they did when they came off. But I never got to see them in all their glory. All the pictures I have of the performances came from other moms who were in the audience to watch their own children.

Keirsten would not let me take a picture of her on stage crew!! Little stinker.

Show Time!

Rylee tried out for the school musical this year and was chosen as the understudy for Charlie Bucket in the production of Willy Wonka Jr. She got to perform for a Saturday matinee and infront of her peers at school. This was so much fun for all of us to be involved with memorizing lines, songs and choreography. I still wake up singing something from this musical. :) This is Rylee's best friend, Katie, and the boy she beat out for student body vice-president, AJ. Katie was one of the principle Oompa Loompas and AJ was Mike Teevee. Most of the students had to come up with their own costumes. I think they did a pretty good job.

I love this picture because Rylee is beautiful (yes, I'm biased), and it's right before her character, Charlie, opens the Wonka Bar to find the last golden ticket. Think positive!

There she is with the last golden ticket. I'm so proud of these kids to be able to get up infront of a large group of people and act, sing and dance. It's not Broadway, but it's a big deal especially when you think that Rylee is only 11 and she was in almost every scene with a speaking part. She also had to learn 5 solos. I can't even imagine performing by myself. Way to go Rylee!

This is such a "Sound of Music" moment. Just singing for all their worth. :) Mike, who played Mr Bucket, never did quite get the dance down. He would watch Rylee for all his cues and when they turned eachother around in the dress rehearsal, he knocked Rylee's hat off which knocked off her mic. We were all backstage hoping that wouldn't happen on a live performance. But everything turned out just fine. :)

" I've got a golden ticket. I've got a golden chance to make my way. And with a golden ticket it's a golden day!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Negative, ghost writer, the pattern is full

There's my little Top Gun. Canon wanted to look just like Dad. It took us a minute to figure out what he was pointing at, and even when we gave him the glasses, he had a hard time getting them on right.
Luke Days happen once a year when Luke Air Force Base opens it's gates to the general public. They park planes out on the runway for spectators to walk through. The line to get in snaked back and forth like we were at Disneyland. The stunt shows were the best and I love the loud thunder of a jet engine racing faster than the speed of sound. Canon was totally worn out.
These planes are huge. The wheel is as tall as Kiersten. We got to go inside quite a few of them, although the lines for the cockpit were rather long, so we didn't wait for that.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. Everyone is enjoying the show except for Raegan who refuses to give her attention to anything that hurts her ears that much. You can see Kiersten and Aubree don't enjoy the deafening engine noise either. Although Canon and Dad don't seem to mind. :) At the end of the day, we watched the synchronized jet-flying team from the bed of the truck in the parking lot as we feasted on tacos and beat the crowd getting out.

Since the airforce base, Canon insists on dragging someone outside to look everytime he sees a plane or can hear the engine.