Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I know this post is way late...school was over almost a month ago. But the girls get such a kick out of seeing themselves in the internet. :)
Kiersten earned honorable mention at school for getting straight A's in every quarter this year. She's been working all year and was really excited about accomplishing this goal. Way to go!!
Aubree earned her honorable mention for being one of only 9 girls to still have lion's pride points at the end of each quarter for good behavior. The principal challenged the boys to work a little harder next year. She got a medal and certificate titled "Best of the Pride". That was pretty cool for us as parents. :)

Rylee was honored as the Citizen of the Year for her classroom. Each teacher was supposed to nominate one student from their class that exemplified each of the nine character traits they worked on this year.
We were at school to see Kiersten get her award and were pleasantly surprised to hear Rylee's name be called for this award. Glad we were there! She's standing in the white polo with the blue jeans.
Scott is just giddy with pride, especially since by this time in his elementary school career, he'd already been suspended for selling firecrackers on the bus!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have you ever googled yourself to see what other people would find of they were looking for you? I just did this today and I was surprised at how many other Cheri Moore's and Morris's there are in the world and what kinds of interesting things they do. It was kind of fun, but no one who is looking for me would ever be able to find me on the internet. That can be bad or good. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Time!!

Well, it's not quite summer time for us yet. The girls still have one more week of school. They started later, so they have to end later. But that won't get in the way of us swimming as much as possible. Our first trip to the pool was in March. It was too cold for me, but the girls enjoyed themselves. This swimming outing was in May, and the water was perfect! This is the best time of year for swimming. In July and August, it's so warm, it feels like bathwater...not refreshing at all.
We had to reteach Raegan on how to lift her head to take a breath. We don't live across the street from a pool anymore, so it will be more difficult for her to become as profficient as her sisters. Canon seems to like the water. He splashes and kicks when I hold him away from me.

Speed limit 1 MPH

Canon has been building his leg muscles in preparation for crawling. He went the longest time on all fours, just sticking his rump in the air like a stink bug. Then he managed to get his knees underneath him. He kind of skipped the whole rocking back and forth stage. His first real attempt at crawling was more of a move the first knee and drag the other leg. It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty. :) But he's gotten the hang of it now and has ventured into every room in the house. In fact, on Sunday, when we were all busy getting ready for church, we heard a cry. No one could figure out where Canon had gone. We were upstairs and worried because there isn't a baby gate on the stairs. We found him in Rylee's room uspet because he'd sat up and bonked his head on her bed. Looks like we can't put off the baby gate any longer. Time to baby proof the kitchen cabinets as well. :)

Now he's pulling himself up on furniture, which is great for his progression, but frustrating for me when I put him to bed and he stands up and plays around in his crib. He thinks it's hilarious when he can see me over the edge of the crib.