Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The many faces of Aubree

 Don't ask this girl to be serious...that's just an invitation for her to be silly. :) But Mom gets the last laugh when she's immortalized just like this on the family blog. Smile!

                                Are we finished yet? Nope! Got one more!

Aubree's Senior Prom

 After 2 less than spectacular prom dates, Aubree decided to stag her senior prom. And wouldn't you know it? She had more fun this prom than both previous proms combined. :)
 She got together with her girlfriends who didn't get asked, and some who did, and worked out rides, dinner and even corsages for everyone. No rules, no expectations, no pressure.
                                                     Messing around........
                                                Striking a pose........
Great group of kids. One is married, 4 are on their missions, and one is preparing to leave.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Championship Soccer Season 2013

                                                      Legacy Traditional School developed a championship soccer team in the year 2013 and Rylee got to be a part of it. This was her 3rd year playing for Legacy. She has a strong kick and likes to be the last defense if the opponent's ball gets through midfield.  
She has learned to be more aggressive in getting to the ball before the other team can score, and she's not afraid to go up against boys. Legacy does co-ed soccer, so there are always boys on the opposing teams. She's just learned you need to be quicker and kick harder than their forwards. :)
 This was a really fun team to play on. Most of the players were 8th graders who'd been on the team for several years, so there was already camaraderie  and communication on the field.
Canyon Athletics Association Junior High Co-Ed Soccer State Champion Division II.