Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Work or play???

This is what Scott is keeping himself busy with lately. He loves to work with his hands to build things. He has a buddy who comes across all this cedar fencing and brings it to him so he can create cute hutches and cabinets.

This is one of his favorites because of the different screening he found to make the door. I call it the radiator cabinet because that what it looks like to me.

Use your imagination to turn this one right side up. Scott will spend hours in the garage with his tools putting credit on his "man card" so that he still has something left when I make him watch ice dancing with me during the Olympics. :)

I gave Canon a haircut, but it's a little longer on top. Had to try the mohawk. :) Scott hates it when we play with his hair. We're girls...it's what we do! He doesn't seem to mind, either.

Raegan is 100 days smarter!! I love that school makes a big deal out of kindergarteners being in school 100 days. It's such a big number for them...they feel like they've accomplished something great!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disney Trip

We had so much fun this trip. We brought two cameras so we could take pictures even if one parent took the older kids and the other had the baby. I just didn't want to miss any photo opportunities. What's so sad is we were so busy having fun, we didn't stop to take many pictures! I'm so sad I couldn't just video these guys on all the rides...screaming, laughing, running from the end of the ride to the front of the line to ride it again!!
Canon was the only one that couldn't ride most of the exciting rides. But he did Tarzan's Treehouse, Pirates of the Caribbean (twice), the Haunted House, Dumbo ride, Carousel, etc. Here he is chilling with Pooh while Dad and the girls get soaked on Splash Mountain. :) And I mean SOAKED!! I rode with the girls first, and they wanted Dad to go next. I told them to make sure he sat in the front so he'd get the bigger splash. I had no idea with all the weight in the front it would make a tidal wave....hahahahaha!! He was dripping as they came off the ride. :) Luckily we stayed right across the street from the park and he walked back with Canon and changed while we rode Thunder Mountain three times in a row and topped it off with Pinocchio's Adventures and Snow White's Ride.

One of the few pictures we got earlier in the day. This was right after we rode the Matterhorn three times in a row. :) We took advantage of the "Give a day, get a day" offer and used our tickets as soon as we got them. Our goal was to do everthing the girls wanted to do. If they wanted to stay in the park all day, we'd do it. If they wanted to ride one ride over and over and over again, we'd do it. We got to the park early and stayed as long as they'd let us. It was such an amazing trip. So many things could have gone wrong with a family this size, but they didn't. We won't likely be able to duplicate that again. I'm so glad we got to go!!!

Ahhh...the teacups! Dad is losing it over the side and Aubree's about to lose breakfast as well. I love the teacups, as long as Kiersten and Rylee are't allowed to control the spin!

The beach during our Disneyland trip

The beach is my favorite cheap family vacation. And even though it is cold in January, it's still the beach...hello! Here the girls are chasing lazy seagulls who were napping in the last rays of the setting sun.
We managed to keep the kids out of the surf. Everyone went home happy and dry with lots of shells. :)

We had just been in the car for 6 hours, so I'm pleased that everyone is atleast smiling and still friends.