Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just stuff while Kiersten graduates

 I usually don't like to post pictures of myself because I don't like them, but this one turned out pretty good. It was a little muggy and hot the night of Kiersten's graduation, but there was a slight breeze that made it bearable. My hair only fell a little bit. :) Scott and I did not coordinate our outfits, so we ended up wearing the same color. He had left early with Kiersten to save seats in the stands for the rest of the family.
        Didn't know Travis was going to snap the picture, obviously.
 This was a sweet picture....just a boy wanting to be involved in whatever Dad was doing. Scott was trying to video record the graduates leaving the field and Canon wanted to be a part of it. Canon has gotten into the habit of leaving his church clothes on every Sunday until Scott gets home. He's asked to go to meetings with Scott so they can spend more time together. Scott got the hint and makes it a point to involve Canon in whatever he's doing on Saturday so his absence on Sunday isn't as big a sacrifice. One Saturday, after Scott had asked Canon if it had been a good day since they'd done everything together, Canon said, "Yeah, it's been a good day. But you should really spend some time with Mom too." I couldn't agree with you more, Buddy. :)
Rylee had a few of her friends in the crowd to support and cheer for Kiersten. Tonya (tongue sticking out in the background) is a member of their laurel class.



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