Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rylee's Prom 2016

 The Greenfield Stake has been renting out the Barney Sports Complex for several years to provide a "mormon" Prom for those youth who don't want to have to worry about questionable music, dancing or attire. It's a little far for those of us in Maricopa, but we don't have a big enough group of dating youth to put on an event like this. So we'll happily drive the distance and let someone else set it up and clean it up. :)
 This is Rylee and her friend, Katie, waiting for their dinner reservations at Oregano's. They've been good friends since 4th grade, and even though Katie goes to a different high school now, they still keep in touch and hang out every now and then.
A little swing dancing before dinner to work up a healthy appetite. :)
                                       Mmmmmmm!! Italian food.

 Group pictures. This was a pretty good group of kids. They all wanted to do stuff together, but not everyone could agree on which restaurant to eat at and the timing of the activities. So they ended up splitting in half for everything except the pictures.

 Dad looks a little possessed here. He just wanted Caleb to know there was a hard curfew and his precious needed to be treated as such. :)
 Rylee made a good effort to get the boutonniere on by herself, but in the end, she asked for my help and Caleb breathed a sigh of relief. We made the boutonniere ourselves and it ended up matching her corsage really well because they both had diamonds for decoration and royal blue ribbon. 
Rylee was a little frustrated with her hair and makeup. I was downstairs wrestling with the boutonniere and couldn't help. But it didn't ruin the night. Just the pictures. ;P
Katie's mom made Rylee's dress. She bought the fabric for Katie in case the dress they ordered didn't come on time. When the ordered dress came, she asked if Rylee wanted a custom made dress. It turned out really nice. There is a sheer black ruffle underneath the blue ruffle that made it so unique. I think Rylee felt very pretty in that dress.

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