Friday, June 10, 2016

Kiersten's graduation May 19, 2016

 Pictures before the graduation ceremony started. These are the seniors from orchestra that Kiersten had so much fun making music with.
 Kiersten was honored 3 times at the end of the year awards ceremony. She received recognition for Academic Achievement, the National Orchestra Award (only one awarded per high school),  and "Promise for the Future" which is a 2 yr. scholarship to the local community college.

 Pomp and Circumstance. You can see her orchestra medallion catching the light as she walks.
 We yelled really loud for her throughout the ceremony. I think Uncle Mickey was the loudest. He did a great job of embarrassing her. I asked Scott a few days before graduation, "Should we get a blow horn and really make her turn red?" He said, "Please.... what can a blow horn do that Uncle Mickey can't?"

 Kiersten sat between 2 really tall boys. I wish we could have seen her move her tassel to the left side, but the most we caught was an elbow or a hand. See those tall boys in the middle row? She's lost somewhere between them.
                                             Yep, she's the short one. :)

Kiersten wore a gold stole for her membership in NHS, her National Orchestra medallion, the gold braid for her 40 hours of service in NHS and the silver braid for being in the top 15% of her class. The honors she wore probably weighed more than she did. :)

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